First Post

Well, like any good first post, this one will likely go unread.  So I’m not going to waste all of my good humorous material here.  Rest assured, I am hilarious.  And smart.  Well, I’m learning.  I’m trying to become free from my own stupidity.  (side note: when I first typed “stupidity” I misspelled it.  I also just misspelled “misspelled.”  I’ve got a long way to go.)

I titled this blog “Freedom from Stupidity” because I wanted a place where I can organize my thoughts, and BECOME smarter.  I think knowledge and intelligence are important for individuals, and the only way to become smart is to learn.  The only way to learn is to experience things and to talk about our experiences and share them.  Then test those experiences vs. reality.

A few things I will be covering in this blog will be politics (uh…maybe I should just quit now), philosophy, economics, religion (okay, maybe I should just stick to politics), and generally anything else I have the time or motivation to talk about.  All while dazzling you with my wit, charm, and humor.  How am I doing so far?  Not so well.


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