First Personal Post – Birthday and Work

This is more of a personal post that won’t be quite frequent here, but I felt I should give this blog a touch of humanity.  Much of what I focus on is my brain trying to figure stuff out.

This past week was my birthday and I worked pretty much 13 hours out of the day.  I decided to celebrate on the weekends surrounding my birthday instead, and I realized that I really love work.  Not because going and providing a service for someone is necessarily fun or enjoyable.  Sure, you might get a gooey feeling from helping someone out, but it really comes down to one thing for me.

I love money.  And not in the “love of money is the root of all evil” type way.  But I want for my time away from work to be enjoyable, and sometimes it’s just not enjoyable without having some form of entertainment.  Right now I have about 6 books in my queue to read for purely entertainment purposes.  I have about 5 video games that I haven’t even started because I am playing Borderlands 2, and I have tons of TV shows that I have yet to catch up on.  And I love it!

These aren’t all expensive forms of entertainment, but for the first year of my marriage we couldn’t afford these things.  The first year of my marriage both my wife and I made a combined $1300 a month.  We had a $400 rent, utilities were about $150.  We had a car payment that was $200.  We both had cellphones and that bill was about $70 at the time.  We had internet/cable at the house.  It was literally our only form of entertainment for a while.  It was an $80 bill.  So that left us $300 for food for the month.  I don’t understand how we did it.  300/30 days in a month is about 10 dollars a day.  For two people.  To eat for the entire day.  We barely made it.  We couldn’t even afford to spare money to go get icee’s from Burger King.  I remember being so angry at my wife because she constantly wanted dessert and since neither of us had been out on our own, making our own money, it was tough.

We eventually decided that we would rather eat and have emergency money than have cable so we got rid of that for a little while.

So when I say I love money, I don’t mean I love money.  I love the act of getting money so that I don’t have to be in that position anymore.  I have small needs, and I have pretty much everything I want right now except for maybe some guitars and a mixing board.  But that’s about $4000 worth of stuff that won’t really make me happy.  It’s not the buying and using of the money that I love.  It’s getting that check and seeing my hard work paying off for me.

I hope you are enjoying this blog, I have been really busy with work this week and now that I have the weekend off to relax and catch up on all my entertainment I will also be catching up on this blog.  Thanks for reading, and please comment if you like or dislike anything!


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