Social Justice 1: Why I do not support ShitRedditSays, Atheism +, Freethought Blogs, and Radical Feminism.

I am new to the atheist community.  I quickly found that within the community there are smaller divisions.  One of the most prominent to gain exposure over the past few years is the Atheism + movement.  This is often associated with Freethought Blogs and ShitRedditSays.

This will be a series of blog posts dealing with the individual aspects of this movement that I do not agree with.

First, I want to be clear that I am in agreement with the main ideas behind this movement.  Treating people equally, caring for those who are oppressed or less fortunate, etc.  I am in agreement with the stated ideals of this movement, but the movement is quite more than what supporters say it is.

This isn’t JUST caring about social justice.  In fact, there are several other unstated aspects to this movement, namely the methodology by which these goals are carried out.

Here are some ideas I will attempt to flesh out in later blogposts on this subject:

  • Divisive “with us or against us” mentality.  This permeates the entire movement.
  • Determining how much someone’s opinion should matter by their race, sexual orientation, gender, etc.
  • Harshness of methodology

There may be more, but that will be enough to get me started on.


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